side view
I had a strip of straw left over from cutting down another hat (this one, in fact), so I made the edge of this tam-o-shanter with it.

All I did was cut out a large circle of this lovely red fabric whose name I don't know - it's quite soft & fine, and doesn't seem to fray - and another of a heavy polycotton I happened to have as a lining, and sew them together round the circumference with a loose running stitch to gather them up.
Then I just stuck the edges onto the strip of straw with fabric glue - holding it down with clothes pegs while it dried - and stuck a strip of the red fabric over the raw edges inside. Some bias binding - again, stuck on - neatened the raw edge of the straw on the bottom, and some sparkly stretch trim along the top.
It was originally intended to be a much smaller, neater beret, but I cut the initial circles too big! At first I wore it military-style, pulled down on one side with a hackle standing up on the other, but I didn't like it.So I abandoned that and put a bobble of marabou on the top instead - I sewed that, and it was quite tricky just to sew it through one layer to avoid ugly stitches inside the lining.
In the picture you can see the join in the straw that the hackle originally hid - normally this would go at the back
front view
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